16.3 Coriolan/Constant/Fantus

Fabulous mind! Proven producer of champion riding horses. Very high in FN ratings year after year. Semen in limited supply!

Born 1982, Stamm 8776

What can you say about the stallion who can do it all? Dressage, jumping and driving. This was proven at the Holsteiner gala evening show. Coriander was jumped, changed saddles and did a Grand Prix test, and lastly was driven…all to the crowd’s cheers!

Coriander is probably best known and respected for producing the quietest minds in Holstein. He ranked as the leading sire of sporthorses for all of Germany in his age group three years in a row. He’ll produce elastic movers with deep and effective shoulders. Coriander is included in this elite list of stallions for his consistent production of stallion sons and approved daughters.

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